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Leg Orthosis

Pediatric - Leg - Respond ROM Range of Motion KCO

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  Pediatric - Leg - Respond ROM Range of Motion KCO

The bilateral hinges of the RCAI Pediatric Respond ROM® Knee Orthosis with thermoplastic thigh and calf cuffs with can accommodate patients with 0 to moderate tone and mild spasticity and offers 10° increment settings for flexion/extension knee control following sprains, strains, joint stiffness, and post surgical knee procedures.

The Respond ROM® hinge features a static lock PEM® that allows the brace to provide support in full extension following stroke, arthritis, knee instability, and ligament repairs, or can be used static progressively for positioning.

The breathable foam liner wicks away moisture from the skin.

The kneecap which is included with the Respond ROM provides three-point pressure leverage and knee control.
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Pediatric - Leg - Respond ROM Range of Motion KCO


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