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Dorsal Carpal Tunnel Splint

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Indicated for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis, wrist sprain or fracture, the Dorsal Carpal Tunnel Splint limits wrist flexion and extension during repetitive hand motion. Made of lightweight, yet durable Kydex® plastic, the splint can be heat molded for patient customization and positioning. Hand wash or gentle machine wash liner. Tumble dry.

  • Lined with breathable Orthowick™ to absorb perspiration and moisture.

  • Narrow palmar roll supports the hand while fingers remain free for grasp.

  • Prevents damaging wrist flexion, restoring finger sensation and hand strength.

  • Wear while typing, writing, or any repetitive work related activity.

  • Comfortable enough to be worn at night during rest.

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Dorsal Carpal Tunnel Splint

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