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Universal Leg Brace

Leg - Universal Leg Brace  

Leg - Universal Leg Brace

Product Number: 87ULB

Manufacturer: RCAI

Suggested Billing Code: L1832

Off The Shelf Code: L1833

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The Universal Leg Brace features a multi-axial hinge that duplicates the sagittal motion of the knee without altering kinematics. The infinite degree of adjustment settings of the hinge offers precise flexion and extension control of the knee.

The 7° tibial offset follows the tibia in correct anatomical alignment. The precision length adjustment hinge arms with contoured plates assure a personalized fit and prevent the brace from migrating on the leg.

The ULB is indicated for strains, sprains, stable tibia or femoral fractures, ligament repairs and total knee replacements. It allows early mobilization for improved muscular function and reduced atrophy. +

The liner is made of a breathable laminate interface.

Modular components are available for additional hip, leg and ankle stability.
Sizes Available:

Leg - Universal Leg Brace

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