Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis by RCAI - #17KCO Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis by RCAI - #17KCO



Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis

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The RCAI Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis is lightweight and versatile. It features the Respond ROM® Range of Motion (ROM) hinges with flexion/extension stop settings and static lock PEM® for immobilization or static progressive stretch. The hinge arms of the brace are positioned in medial/lateral panels to prevent migration on the leg.

The Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis is a cuffless rehab brace that supports effective rehabilitation for post surgical ROM limitations, instability, strains, sprains, ligament repairs and joint stiffness.

The lightweight breathable foam liner wicks away moisture from the skin.

Optional kneecap (17KC purchased separately and suggested billing code L2795) provides three-point pressure leverage.
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Flex Cuff Knee Orthosis

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