Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) - Short Apron Front by RCAI - #450-SxFLSO Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) - Short Apron Front by RCAI - #450-SxFLSO



Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) - Short Apron Front

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The new LSO by RCAI provides circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine, due to lumbar fusion, laminectomy, compression fracture, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and osteoporosis. The new LSO is a modular system featuring recycled thermoplastic anterior and posterior panels, with polymer stays in lateral pockets. The back panels have a surgical opening to relieve pressure at the incision site. The LSO is offered in the standard 7° of lordosis, with 0° and 12° of lordosis available upon request. The detachable strapping system allows for an individualized fit, while the "D" ring pull front closure promotes easy application. The washable liners of the LSO is made of a "wicking" material that keeps moisture away from the skin, promoting patient comfort and compliance. The LSO is available in Short, Average and Tall posterior panel heights, in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large circumference sizes.
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Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) - Short Apron Front

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