Neoprene Spiral Knee Support by rcai - #540-SKS Neoprene Spiral Knee Support by rcai - #540-SKS


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Neoprene Spiral Knee Support by RCAI


Neoprene Spiral Knee Support


This discontinued product has been replaced. Click here for the replacement product page.

The Spiral Knee Sleeve by rcai provides support, compression and warmth for post-operative knee rehabilitation, strains, sprains, arthritis, patellar tendonitis, dislocation, cru-ciate instability, and ligament instability. The patellar cutout stabilizes the patella and ensures appropriate patellar positioning. The removable horseshoe shaped felt buttress attaches with hook and loop, and can be repositioned to support the medial or lateral condyle, diminishing stress at the patella femoral joint, providing a massage action for the reduction of edema. A diamond shaped cut out at the popliteal area reduces possible skin impingement. The Spiral Knee Sleeve is constructed of a breathable, latex-free, neo-prene material for patient comfort.
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Neoprene Spiral Knee Support

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