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Pediatric - Foot - Dorsi-Flexion MPO  

Pediatric - Foot - Dorsi-Flexion MPO

Product Number: PD-11DFMP

Manufacturer: RCAI

Suggested Billing Code: L4396

Off The Shelf Code: L4397

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The new Pediatric Dorsi-Flexion MPO® by RCAI provides adjustable static stretch of the plantar flexors, treating neuromuscular involvement conditions such as diminished foot and ankle range of motion, pressure sores and hip rotation. Medial/lateral straps attached to the sides of the brace allow the foot and ankle to be controlled, as needed, in the desired dorsi-flexion position prescribed. The Dorsi-Flexion MPO can be used as a night splint, inhibiting plantar flexion for the patient, stretching the posterior calf muscles essential for maintenance of dorsi-flexion range at the ankle.

The "floating heel" design of the brace eliminates pressure or friction on the heel and toes, enhancing blood circulation vital to the healing process. The anti-rotation bar controls hip and leg rotation to maintain functional alignment.

Indicated for diminished foot and ankle range of motion, Achilles tendon rupture, cerebral palsy or when static progressive ankle positioning is recommended.
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Pediatric - Foot - Dorsi-Flexion MPO

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