Pediatric MPO Burn Unit by RCAI - #12MP Pediatric MPO Burn Unit by RCAI - #12MP



Pediatric MPO Burn Unit

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The RCAI Pediatric MPO® Burn Unit with Transfer Attachment features a closed cell foam liner that repels fluids and resists bacteria. The MPO® Burn Unit floats the heel to eliminate pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing in the burn patient. The dynamic flex action supplies continuous counterforce to the plantar surface of the foot assisting in the correction of foot drop, foot and ankle contractures and deformity.

The adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes and can be positioned to the side in the treatment of malleolus and lateral ulcers. The longer liner straps accommodate bulky dressings and edema.

The rotator bar positioned to the side, controls Hip Orthoses and leg rotation, providing functional alignment.

The Transfer Attachment provided for most sizes is for non-skid stand-up transfer and prevents cross-contamination from floor to bed.
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Pediatric MPO Burn Unit

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