Range of Motion (ROM) Knee Brace by RCAI - #95ROM-KO Range of Motion (ROM) Knee Brace by RCAI - #95ROM-KO



Range of Motion (ROM) Knee Brace

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The new ROM Knee Brace by RCAI is indicated for controlled Range of Motion (ROM) following ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries, meniscal repairs, patella tendon repairs, condylar fractures, sprains, strains, instability of the knee and total knee replacement. The ROM Knee Brace features easy to use push buttons to lengthen hinge arms, and push tabs to set flexion/extension settings and static lock. Foam padding assures patient comfort and discourages migration on the limb. One size fits all and reduces inventory needs.
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Range of Motion (ROM) Knee Brace

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