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This Knee Immobilizer has all the needed attributes. It is well designed, a good fit, easy to use, and contains quality parts. Better than any of the others I have tried. Daily use for shows no wear. Five Stars.

Leigh B.

We have used this orthosis for a number of years. It is well constructed and fits the hands well. It is easy to put on by a caregiver. Delivery was very fast and when I needed a replacement straps, they were available and quickly received. The customer service department quickly answered my questions and was very pleasant to work with.

William L

Thanks again for your and Ashley's help. It was wonderful to be able to tell my wife that with ya'lls help, a new cover is coming. A year and a half ago, she had a stroke that paralyzed her total left side. With GOD's help she is able to walk with assistive devices and has a good bit of her speech back. Left arm and especially hand last big hurdle. Thank you RCAI and Ashley - Have a blessed day.


I decided after trying many different types of universal wrist braces for my carpel tunnel which I have in both wrist to go with a higher quality brace. After researching I came across this brace which was perfect for me. I love this brace because of the high quality design and build. I like the brace also because of how light it is and the quality of the material. It's a great price compared to others. I use the braces every night for the last 3 weeks and I started to notice a chance already in the pain level. The mobility and strength within both wrist. Thank You RCAI.

Timothy L

The dorsal braces really worked for me! My carpal tunnel pain was caused by compressed Cervical nerves and my hands would flare up, burn and cramp every hour or two, disrupting sleep with the pain and discomfort. From the first night, wearing the braces on both hands, the flares and cramping completely ceased and after a few nights, I was finally able to get restful recooperative sleep. After months of finger/palm swelling, I think the brace has helped reduce the swelling. These splints are a life- saver for me. I am very thankful for this product.